I Sometimes Value Status At Work With Self-worth

I don't have a career.   My first job was as a temporary secretary and 20-odd years later I am still working as a temporary secretary.  95% of the time this is fine but sometimes (and I don't know why) I make a strong and logical comparison between self-worth and status at work, particularly when my boss is younger than me..  When I say a logical connection between self-worth and status it is meant along the lines that if men and women are free to make free rational choices then the quality of their life is a direct result of the quality of those choices.and feel ashamed of my poor socio-economic achievement.

This makes me very depressed.  Does anyone else feel the same and, more to the point, has come to any conclusions why ???  

MysticMeerkat MysticMeerkat
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Definitely Don't Be So Hard On Your Self! You can bet that the majority percentage of the reasons for the choices you've made in your life have to do with the way you were raised. This includes input from parents, family etc., and our U.S. gov't school system which is modeled after old Prussian, Germany's socialist sytem designed to mold and control an entire population. Although our inherent character and temperment traits play a large role in how we choose to live, we must step back and evaluate exactly how we were raised as well as how our mom and dad were raised so we can figure out exactly why we are where we are today!<br />
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Not for the sake of shouldering the blame on someone else for what we perceive as personal short comings, but in order for us to take responsibility for how we want to live. This can make all of the difference on how successfully we raise our children!!!!!<br />
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If I Could Get Each Person I Come In Contact With To Do One Thing I Suggest It Would Be That They Never Believe Anything Anyone Says Without Researching It To Verify Validity! Take The Time To Break The Spell And Learn How To Think And Form Opinions On Their Own And Become An Expert Of Their, And Their Baby's Lives!!!!! We Must Stop Living How We Are Instructed To Live, And Live The Way We Are Designed To Live, Independantly!!!!!<br />
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It Is Truly All About Love!!!!<br />
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Have Fun And Be Happy, You Deserve It!!!!!

You can't think that way... it only puts more power in the hands of those people who are using and manipulating you. They want to keep you from advancing and instill a slave mentality in you because they are out for themselves, and do not really care about you... In order to break free of this situation, to no longer be at their mercy, you have to make a serious assessment of what you are good at, and try to market your skills and interests in an entrepreneurial way. If you are into art, for example, you could try to market your creations. Remember, a brave new world of e-commerce has sprung up over the last decade or two that makes brick-and-mortar retail establishments nearly obsolete, and the 9 to 5 job is becoming a dinosaur too, as people find ways to start their own small online businesses... So join the revolution! Perhaps one day soon, if you work hard at it, you might be the one driving down the street in a Rolls Royce and belching smoke into your former bosses' faces!<br />
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So go for it -- you deserve to revive your self-respect and have a right to happiness and success, as do I, and I will see you on the other side of the rainbow! That's a promise.