Things We Love Can Be The Hardest...

Ballet is my life. I want to do that professionally. I wish I could but sometimes I just feel like no matter how hard I work, I'll never be good enough. I started too late, I'm too short, my legs aren't long enough, I'm not flexible enough, blah blah blah, everyday.

I always tell myself that if this is what I really want to do, there's got to be a way. And all I have to do is work hard at it.

... But sometimes, I secretly think things like I don't want to work this hard for the rest of my life. Always working ten times harder than the next girl and getting ten times worse results... I don't know that I do want to do that. But I feel like a failure when I think things like that. Lazy and stupid. I may be not very bright... but I am not lazy.

does anyone else secretly think things their ashamed of? like i don't know that i want to work that hard for the rest of my life?
rosborne rosborne
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

People in wheel chairs climb mountains, people that cant see write beautiful music...anything is possible. You have to stop criticizing yourself so much and just enjoy wat you are doing. Dont try to be better than someone else, just be better than youself. Lose yourself in the music, lose yourself in the dance. Dont think about it so much. Just be the music and the results will come. Whatever happens, just have fun and enjoy yourself. Do it for yourself and do what you want to do. Aslong as youre happy, thats all that matters :)

don't feel down cheer up, everyone has moments that are bad but what separates happy and down people is that the happy pick themselves up when they fall and forget about it and move on. So remember life goes on and cheer up and leave this behind you.