Want To Sleep Forever So Eagerly.

I have very different case. In my own case, i wanted to sleep forever due to the reason that i dont know the way  out to this mess i am already in.
I am married with this guy for a couple of months, his a nice guy, but the problem is I just realized how terrible i am. I felt that i couldn't support him. I want to change, but the problem is I couldn't change. I've been questioning myself and other people how will I do it for a couple of months now, but i am a hard headed girl who cant do the advices that the people gave me.  I am not just that very particular of following things around, but I didnt take how to control it. Now, I am thinking miserably and making a big fuss over some small staff. Wanna know my problem?
I cant take a good communication with other people.
I cant express myself thoroughly, and describe things, and convey the real feelings i have.
I am so anxious that every information couldn't enter into my system.
I have a less experience in life and love due to the reason that, i isolated myself from other people.
And Etc.

There are so many negative things that enters in my mind, and that i cant help them disregarding it from my system. =(
This is the reason I want to sleep forever in order not to get the burden from the people around me. Please....! How!? ANyone? 
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And as far as going to sleep forever, yeah, Id wanted the same. I used to feel as though I was in limbo.

Wow! You sound just like me(except I'm a guy). I've had the same problems. I had to go to Iraq to help figure things out, though.

Well, you are being pretty proactive by reaching out to the folks here. Why not reach out a little further and visit a therapist? A lot offer visits on a sliding scale, meaning you pay what you can afford. If you've always felt anxious, negative, lonely, etc. then therapy is a great place to figure out what's wrong.