Endless Dreams

Sometimes when I go to sleep I hope I will fall asleep for ever and never wake up, like if everything could be an endless dream. When I suddenly wake up, I try getting back to sleep because it is the only way to not feel tired. Tired of living in the world we live in. At least if I could sleep forever, I could live my endless dreams...
celineberry celineberry
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 11, 2011

Must second what the other poster said. This is an escape. You don't need to escape if you are happy with your life. It's either depression or anxiety, i.e. live is overwhelming you. Get help. This is not normal at all. You said sometimes you don't want to wake up...

I really just like sleeping because I'm pretty lazy. I like dreaming because it allows you be and do things you can't in real life like for exemple fly or kiss a movie star or whatever because dreams are crazy!

This is a sign of depression. I wen through a phase where I would dream and fantasize of a better life to live. I would end up almost sleeping more than I would interact with people, it was nice and I wanted it forever but I realized that it was dreaming and its not whats real unfortunately.