Sleep, Sleep And More Sleep

I come from a family of sleepers. Eight to10 would be a perfect night for me but when I work I average six. I was in a horrible accident two yrs ago and I slept for hours on end to help with the healing in the hospital. When I came home after nine months away I still was in the process of rehabbing and I slept a lot, I still take medications that make me sleepy.

Before my accident I lived for vacation so that I could sleep as much as my heart desired. Post accident I don't need the excuse of a vacation to sleep a lot. I know its been a good day when my head hurts because I have been on the pillow for too many hours. the only time I feel bad about sleeping too much is when I realize I've slept longer than my cats.

hopekline hopekline
51-55, F
Nov 28, 2012