I Just Want to Sleep.

Sometimes I do wish I could just go to sleep forever.. or at least for a very long time. I love to sleep and I love to dream. It's just an escape from reality and I love it.

Sleeping is so much better than staying awake and feeling so bored, lonely and depressed.. at least when I'm asleep I don't feel any of those things. I just love the weird dreams that I have. It's just like another world... and I seem so much more confident there. I just want to stay in my dream world forever.

BrokenAngelWishes BrokenAngelWishes
18-21, F
5 Responses Sep 20, 2009

yeah, me too, i hate reality and i hate my life so much, im always depressed and alone, if posible i always sleep like 10 or 12 hours, sometimes, the dreams are good, like an alternative reality, sometimes i like to think that those random dreams are the real reality when im too depressed to roll out of bet, the dreeams always look so illogicallly good, like a sunny calm train station with a picknic basket aside below a tree, not like this dark horrible reality. ill like to die in my sleep and go to one of those places

I feel the same way too. Sometimes reality can get so exhausting that i would just sleep. It's like a momentary escape.

I feel exactly the same and I wish I could sleep forever or at least just stay in bed for my whole life...

Yeah... time really does go so quickly when you're sleeping. It's like I go to bed and then it feels like less than an hour later i'm waking back up again. Even though it's really been 8 hours or something..

I'm always exhausted. If I could, I would do nothing but sleep.