Multiple Lingerie Items

I love wearing two pairs of panties under my regular clothing and going out shopping or somewhere like that. I can feel the sexy nylon panties sliding around when I sit down and when I am walking and it gets me so hot. I usually can't wait to get home to relieve myself that way after putting on a slip maybe more than one.
Lori234 Lori234
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Oh Yes! I just love that feeling too. The outer panties sliding over the silky inner panties over the bum cheeks as you walk along. What a turn on.

Hello dear Alison. I so love that lovely sensual feeling of lovely silky panties sliding over another panty. I often wear slips under my male clothes as well for that same lovely feeling. Those silky layers just sliding about each other, and you, a soft gentle silky reminder that you are wearing lovely silky lingerie. What a turn on indeed, what a lovely Turn ON. I so love dressing like a Girl, Feeling like a Girl, just Being a GIRL. What a Joy to wear Multiple Lingerie Items.

<p>Oh toooooooooo...just wearing a second pair of panties for that lovely sensual silky feeling as the panties slid around each other ..and you... and in the winter months I will wear a slip, nylons and bra also under it all. Oh but that wonderful silky panty feeling...I will often put my hand in the pockets of my pants and rub my panties just feeling how silky they are...and just Climax when I get home wearing those lovely panties, slips and nighties...Lovely Lovely Silky la<x>yers.</p>

Brenda sweetie. I think we two may have been separated at birth.

Alison, we are sisters. Just lovely silky feminine girly Sisters, but we back together now. Hugs...Brenda