I Urinate When I Sneeze

My bladder was full when I was giving my kids a shower. I sneezed while my blader sqweezed. a small stream of urine flow over my legs. another sneeze and an other stream. and forth  and fifth of both. I did not tryed to hold the sixth so it all went on. nobody noticed I was already throwing water on the floor so it was cleaned up outomatically. My dress was wet but they will think because of giving kids the shower.

I decided that when i am sick I must wear a diaper so I dont have such an accident in public.!

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Good for you that you and your hubby can enjoy them! It's really not a big deal between consenting adults and if you wanted to wear bags on your heads, then that's your right, too. A diaper is just so much more comfortable and fun to wear than a bag... :)<br />
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Enjoy life and those little moments where you can let it all go!<br />
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Sometimes it happens i have to wear them 24/7

Thanks for your comment. I wear them when I know that I am going to sneeze or exercise, jumping on the trampoline with a full blader and a diaper is a bliss.

That's a lovely image, a woman jumping up and down on a trampoline and each time she bounces she wets her diaper a bit more with no control... even better with a skirt that lifts up and shows her diaper getting wetter and wetter!

Lucky you were at home!<br />
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I sometimes have an accident if I sneeze or laugh, so I usually wear tena pants