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I still wet on purpous every night i been doing this now over 3 years I hope i start to wet in my sleep soon I dont care who know too I wet who every is hear or wear I am at a friends house i just wear a thicked diaper

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It will happen. Wetting on purpose every night is a must so keep it up. Being totally relaxed about it is also very important. You must get to the stage where you got to bed and at some point either before you go to sleep or if you wake needing to pee you just let go without really thinking about it. If you feel the slightest need to pee just let it flow whether this is just after you have gone to bed or later on. In a morning make sure you empty your bladder as soon as you start to wake. This is very important and really will weaken your bodies resistance to wetting in your sleep. Don't be discouraged if it takes a long time to become a true bedwetter. Enjoy each and every wet night along the way. It will happen I promise.

things are good wetting befor bed every night weaking up to wet in the night really dont know it i wet in my sleep but some time i think i do but i am not really sure

The main thing is you are enjoying it.

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I'm a little discouraged to hear you've been wetting on purpose for over 3 years and haven't begun wetting by accident yet. I want to become a helpless bed wetter too and I've been doing the same thing. I wear diapers every night, drink too much water before going to bed and "let go" when I wake in the middle of the night. So far it hasn't happened by itself. What can we do? I'd like to have a buddy that's trying as hard as I am at the same time. Tell me how things are going for you.