What If..

At times we find it alluring to end this treacherous life. To call it the end, our self. But what is the guarantee that t is going to get better after death. What if it is going to be worse?
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8 Responses Oct 18, 2012

There is no better or worse after death, just darkness... silence... no senses to tell you how to feel. No mind to think how you feel.

"Death cannot be explained unless you come real close to it, Life cannot be explained unless you really 'live' it" ~¥RD

Love the way you looked at that. Indeed life could get better too. Goes both ways

Yeah, I know how you feel. I got an abortion three weeks ago and have hit rock bottom. Nothing can get worse than this.

thts so ryt

this is so meaningful

We were not asked about born in this dark world. we are here for a short time, to show how we behave here good or bad.
only good deed have value in God eyes.
according to these deed it has to fix our place in the world we came,
we have to leave this dark world without knowing when.,, as we came here,
This is no way a happy place,all is fake which seems to us real.
we came crying,we go crying not fulfilling our wishes, as Budah came to know this worl reality and was not interesting in worldly things,
all is maya.
as saints,prophets told us,.So never expect much ,take as you need to survive.
accept life as it comes to you, do as romans do.
No matter how good or bad life we got we have to die on day and i feel old age is not a good time too.
we think much about death than life.
because things are ok or not naturally no one want to leave his place where he been spent lot of time.

nothing is wat it seems to be but you can make it wat u want only if try so try to make this life a better then when the time comes you can make the afterlife better AND HOPING U WILL HAVE A BETTER LIFE THAT WAT U WHERE HAVING

my I send you a hug and hopes for a better day!!!!

please let me be here for you, hugs