Just Tired

i live in pain all the time heel spurs osteoarthritsis its the feet that are the worst i have to work and i really dont know how i do it or how i keep my job the pain id=s so bad and i do everything to try and help it but nothing works but narcotics and im tired of taking drugs just to make it through the day . last year i almost died now i wonder why i was spared just to have debilating pain everyday of every week im just tired

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5 Responses Jul 30, 2009

You were saved for a reason, youve got a second chance, I believe in you, just like god does.

If you are suffering a debilitating disease then you are entitled to government benefits for disability. I have osteoarthrits, fibromayalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, and a couple other itises thrown in so I know what the pain is that you're feeling. I don't take pain pills because I don't want to become addicted but since you are working it is a necessity in your case. Apply for benefits and see if you are able to retire and take better care of yourself.

I agree that glucosamine is helpful for this sort of pain. There may be things in your diet that are aggravating it....tomatoes etc. Might be worth seeing a naturopath.

I know how you feel. I have osteoarthritis in my neck and my knee and is starting to appear in other joints.It gets aggravated at night when i sleep and when i do house work like vacuuming and mopping or walking.<br />
I have spent money on chiropracters to no awail. Masage helps and is very enjoyable, but exspencive and it doesn't last.<br />
I found mild exersize is helping enormously.It opens the joints and stenghtens the muscles around the joint so you rely on the muscles more then the joints to do the job.<br />
Taking fish oil and glucosamine olso helps

depending on where the arthitis is located have you considered massage therapy my girlfriend is a massage therapist and she has mentioned to me that massage is good for the joints and to release any pressure that your body is experiencing if you have not tried that yet check it out and if you do decide to do it it cant just be a one time thing you have to be persistant for it to really help but you feel absolutely amazing after just one session a couple days following though you need to go back its a temporary fix but a drug free and relaxation fix hopefully i have helped if not i am sorry ~lee