Hit The Road

Things don't have to happen that way
I'll get us outta here someday
Drop it all and go
And we'll hit the road

You say you're happy with it all
The panic in your smile lets you down
You had high hopes as I recall
But you dismiss them with a frown

I want to wish you well so bad
My tongue drops dead
There's so much else I'd rather say instead

What am I supposed to say?

That things don't have to happen this way?
You're caught by the finger - there's no getting away
From this knot that tightens to fit
You fought with half a heart because you knew all along -
There's no real choice but to submit
But if you want to go, let me know
And we'll hit the road
ForestSong ForestSong
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010