Sometimes Life Brings You Down

not sure why cause i am a happy person. i just always wonder 'what if i'd have done this' or 'what if i'd have done that'. nothing that i really want to talk'd be too hard to sort out anyway. i'll feel one way today, and completely different tomorrow. i think some things in life will always be unknown, and acting on your curiosity could inturn cause huge problems down the road. perhaps thats just a lesson in life, one that is easy to learn but hard to accept.
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2008

i know it is fustrating, Life is a huge pathway to problems, but think about it if you didn't have problems how would you learn from those mistakes? Think about it some more ask yourself why you held on so long? Pray. there are people who love you don't give up hope.

its just can someone who has so much, sometimes feel like they have nothing at all<br />
<br />
i'm sure i'll feel different tomorrow....i always do

life is hard is not far but God is good i feel you... my home is on a 250 acre ranch but it doesn't take away the pain lol but a prayer and don't look back...