Just Don't Want to Be Here.._x

i look at every element in my life, i look at my family and my so called friends, i look at where i am and where im going and i realise there really isn't anything to live for, there is nothing keeping me here. well a part form my auntie who i love dearly but is very ill..onw day i think everyhting will just be too overwhelming for me..
FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
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Thank you for that its appreciated

i believe we are both at the same age and we are both so very upset...i can call myself deeply upset. but i would never lose hope or feel that i have nothing to live for,<br />
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my religion, islam teach never to lose hope in God and i know that this life is a test...losing hope is not accepted...true im upset but im trying everyday to correct and when a door close i try my best to open another.<br />
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trust me, nothing last, not happiness nor sadness,,,,,so if u are sad, then remember there will be by the will of God be happiness after every sadness<br />
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:) *hugs*