To Run Away ... Home.

I wish I could run away and leave everything behind. Walk out the door and travel from one area, one town, one city, county, country, and nation.

I wish I could run away not worrying of the past, knowing that in light and love I will have what I need to progress.

I wish I could run away, walk to the ends of the earth, see different cultures, experience different tastes.

I know I can run away thinking on never coming back. From one place to another, I left it all behind my back. However, after leaving for quite some time, I year to run away again, to return home is the journey I hoped for someday. To say hello and to say farewell to those I left behind. For I have traveled many roads, walked many shoes, done many things from the time I ran away.

So ... I wish I could run away, away from where I stay. To return home from which I came ... to make it home someday. I try so hard, I try as it may but the road seems so far. I take a train, I take a car, and I even take a plane. To come so close and come from so far I am almost home. I brought a smile, I brought a kiss, and many hugs I bring. To return home from where I came .. I am home again.

And as I lay relaxing in my home, I think and ponder and smile of all the things I did ... it really took a while. I left home and left my past behind. I fell, made mistakes, and shortly got back up. I walked that extra mile and seen that beautiful site. I even met someone so beautiful that happened to graze my sights. For now I wish to stay in this place called home. This is where I shall stay. But I can't help but think if I should run away someday.

I do wish to run away, its another journey though. This lifetime seems so long and calm and I enjoyed it so. The journey which I'm about to take will be quite profound. I reach up to the morning sky and reach up to the stars above. ...I wonder if I can run away, to return to the stars above.

I discovered at my birth that day, what I ran away from the most. I ran away without knowing it .. I ran away from home. To ponder and realize when all is said and done when will I return home when life is done.

I left behind a life and a journey of all the times I ran. Filled with all the feelings and emotions that I could stand.

So can I say I ran away from life that which I know? Sure, we run away but home is where I will go...

IridescentSkies IridescentSkies
31-35, M
Jun 6, 2011