I too wish I could run away from my life, but I just figure wherever I run my life will follow!!! I can't stand where I live and feel like all my neighbors know my problems and look down on me. Not to mention running into people that I am in conflict with is very awkward and painful. Unfortunately I don't have the means to do this. Sometimes I fantasize that I can do it and imagine some beautiful place that is quiet and quaint with new friends that think I am wonderful. Then I think would I really be happy.  Being happy and secure is not something I know about. Oh well I'd probably would get homesick.
dixalydoo dixalydoo
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1 Response Nov 19, 2011

Thank you KS, I do have one great friend to spend some time with. She is always good natured and really listens to me. Our conversations are inspiring and helpful to me. My partner and I have been fighting so much it's taking a toll on me. Well, now just to get thru Xmas. LOL Thanks again!!!