Spirit Captures Me

How many times is this playing out at moment; so commonplace.  I like girl a ton, she likes me though not in same way.  We are seeing each other.  As long as I see lite I feel inspired.  Though she is beautiful, spirit is what really captures me.  Is what think about all time.  Comments made been understated, don't want to come on too strong.   Very little physically going on, yet such an emotional high.  An ordinary e mail, and I feel great.    

Not pushing the encounter.  Shown her I have life of my own.  Been quite good to her, and appreciates I listen.  Feel a matter of the natural emotions just not being there on her part.  I say give it time.  If it doesn't pan out as hoped, have much to be grateful for in my life.  And I'll have other chances   If turns out as hoped, would be so truly great.  In meantime, be best I can be.  A time to be strong.      

patch15 patch15
Apr 22, 2012