My Mother

my mother is a drunk, loud abnoxious *****...shes just got a ***** of a boyfriend and now she thinks shes top *****...she puts me down tells me to kill myself then pushes me to the point i wanna kill her and her boyfriend and burn the house to the ground....i totaly wouldnt but im super tempted...i hate her so much i never hated someone so passionately i love my mom but i hate her when she drinks...i am a happy person when im away from her and im miserable when we are together...i didnt know it was possible to hate someone so ******* much!!
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I hope things get better for u-the only advice I can give u is to go after ur career<br />
Finish ur education,follow ur dream job and make money<br />
By doing so u've diverged all that anger into focusing on ur career<br />
U don't need a special someone-u just need urself

I'm sorry you have to deal with this but what stops you? I am curious to know? Is it just financial standing or something more?

its financial...mostly and second i dont have alot of friends or family any more so places to go and peoples help and kindness is limited. i am pretty much on my own and I am so unprepared.

It's under my stories on my profile.

I'll repost. New to this. Thought it would help with my feelings. Special someone's help a lot. Mine just left <br />
Me a few days ago. But holding on.

idk whats worse having your mom stay there and treat you like that. or have you rmom take off on you like my mother did. read my story to understand what i mean on my page . either way im sorry i hope it gets better =(

hey thanx...yeah i grew up in foster care and well...i had a couple of bad experiences...i moved in with my birth mom after csd couldnt find a home for me...and its been down hill from life would completly suck if it wasnt for certain people in my special someone brightens my world and gives me strenghth.

oh i says u didnt wite any storys yet.