Just Hop On A Bus And Leave

There have been days where I wish I could just take off. My life doesn't suck, it just has its moments.

I sometimes think that everything would be easier if one morning I just pack my bags, buy a bus ticket to a different province and take off without a word to anyone. I would be able to make it through a few months with my savings and credit card but at some point responsibilities would come crashing back down again. I'd be working a dead-end job, unhappy and alone.

I always remind myself of some of the better things I would have to leave behind, my fiancé, our cat, my family, my education.... I would be lost without some of those things, I would be throwing everything away.

I would probably only ever actually get on that bus if I lost my fiancé, I would want to be alone somewhere were no one knew me, I wouldn't want to be tied back to the place I was trying to be away from.
Jupiterfalling Jupiterfalling
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 29, 2012

Start your own business-it could be a fresh start for u and something 2 look forward to

Unfortunately for me that wouldn't be a fresh start. I would be stressed out all of the time and in my area I'd need to work at least a part time job still. I guess it'd just be nice for a long break without having to worry about everything or go to work.