At the moment, there is nothing that I wish more than just running away from this place, running away from home and going to a place where no one knows me and have some peace.

I wish I could run away from all these so stupid fights around me, very immature and and stupid I wonder what the hell is wrong with the people. I want to run away from these psychos and the psycho life I have, go to a place and just be all alone, I really want to be alone, no one with me, I am sick of everything and everyone, literally sick.
MissGaga MissGaga
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trust me I know how you feel :( *hugs* if you ever want to talk, feel free to message me. :)

plz dont surrender to Negative emotions missgaga. Everybody has to face this inevitable blue times! That is how you would mature and get functionally experienced. ((big hug))

Thank you Aycha! Though I think I have matured and aged a hundred year over my age! It is just that these blue times don't seem to end! *big hugs*

it will end certainly! Read some verses of the Holy Quraan and repear sorat elsharh " alam nashrah laka sadrak" inchallah you'll get fine! Will pray for you sweetheart! Take care of yourself,,,

Everyone feels this crap occasionally. Realize that you have a great deal going on now; causing great stress which leads to depression. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK-that's what I tell my girls when they call me overwhelmed from college. This Too Shall Pass. Keep venting if it helps-but all the while remember that you have overcome worse obsticals in your life and when this period of challenge closes, you will proud of how well you came through it with dignity and grace.

The worst part is that people choose to fight and create problems when I am already under pressure and need a peaceful state of mind, I try to give myself a break but the people are not giving me a break!!! I am still sticking to what's good for me, trying to ignore and just focusing on the important thing, still it is hard to isolate yourself, it is as you said, no man is an island, it is just true! I am able to force myself to physically do the right thing, but how can I force my mind to just stop thinking and being distracted! Tonight I thought I should have it for myself to rest my mind a little bit, that's why I am here EPing and later will have my bath and eat! - Venting does help, thanks a lot <3

I told you before, Sweets- you may need an anti-depressant

I was thinking to take one, but then I was afraid to get addicted so I refrained from the idea! Though I'd like to know how is it like to be happy and care free!

So many are non-addictive and few make you happy and care free! Rather they take the edge off

I am afraid I will start with few and end up with so many! The idea is on my mind though and very strong at the moment!

That, my Friend, is why we seek medical help

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