.i Am Not Selfish To Take My Own Life Am Fighting For My Life Just As Much As A Cancer Patent If Not More As Am Fighting In Secret.

This is the briefest way to tell you about my story. I got bullied my hole life through school I moved twice and in my a level years it got very bad even teachers were involved in the bullying as they were relatives of the girls that picked on me.. near my exams I hard school that much I didn't go in and ended up doin bad in my exams. I turned to partying and drinking a lot and ended up digging the hole deeper and deeper. I overdosed 6 times and the doctors always seem to bring me back.but I want do it again to my parents I have seen my mum cry on her hands and knees cause she thought I was dead u
I can't deal with the guilt of hurting them.. then last august I was rapped and tried to jump out a 3 bedroom house infront of a party full if friends my dad came and got me and made me cut my ties with everyone I had known or was friends with and start over. I went to a counciler but my parents were that worried about me it was ripping. There relationship apart so I put my mask back on and pretend everything was ok again. But it far from it I've never been more alone. I watch movies and start crying not cause there sad I just wish I was in them and not ere were I am..I am not selfish to take my own life am fighting for my life just as much as a cancer patent if not more as am fighting in secret..
luna20 luna20
May 4, 2012