yes, i sometimes find myself saying those words too.. it crossed my mind a number of times already.  depression is killin me..
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i know! :D

I really am!

yeah yeah the great arorin! you're so cool. :D

You know you love it! <br />
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If I wasnt a god how could I turn all my pictures blue and inverted?!

here we go again! LOL! thanks for breaking the ice!<br />
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i'm no god. so yeah, faith is the key. but it's easier said than done. :D

No having faith isnt always easy unless you believe you are a god like I do! ha!

it happens. i never want to go through all that again. having faith isn't always easy.

Sometimes it makes people weaker though. I have seen both happen.

@arorin, i think i'm so much stronger now. like they always say, what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. <br />
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but i'd prefer to have a strong mind with a soft heart for everyone.<br />
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@justmeonline, thank you.

Each time you do it though it gets easier. I have dealt with so much loss in my life it is a more common feeling then dealing with gain. Up side is I dont get hurt to often, but then there is a down side of getting hardened.

i believe so. the reasons for my depression were all clear to me. <br />
<br />
i can't remember when i actually was fully over it, but i do know that accepting everything took a very long time.

Sometimes the past can help us strengthen our future. That is the only reason I ask. A lot of times people dont know why they are depressed, and I try to help them see what they are missing that causes it.

med definitely help. I went on them for a while when my son was considered terminally ill, I couldn't cope alone.

that's all in the past now. i have felt it a number of times when my parents broke up. another thing was when my grandmother passed away. i did not expect that i would take my grandma's death so hard. she was really special to me.

what caused you to feel depression?

depression still creeps up on me now and then. i'm just so thankful that i've been surrounded with good and loving friends. my family is my source of strength too. <br />
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i am much more stronger now i think and i thank God for it. :)

I'm sorry to hear about these feelings. Depression can be so debilitating sometimes, you just wonder why it's worth going on. I've struggled off and on with depression my whole life. At this point, I doubt it will ever let me alone. Having said that, I'm at least able to take proactive steps, to try and stave off its effects and do things that are positive. It would be so wonderful if there was simply a 'quick fix,' wouldn't it? Despite the hardship and struggle, I'm thankful for every day that I'm alive, even if it's mundane. I hope you have been able to find some things that help you get through the doldrums a bit easier.

**hugs** <br />
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I feel this way a lot too :(<br />
<br />
I usually try to sleep through it, I always feel a little better when I feel more rested...

aw.. thanks cjewels! ;)