I Start to Have Sad Thoughts...then..

i have more and more until they just crowd my mind and i feel sad and worthless and useless and like nothing...it makes me want to be were my friends are just so i can sit there but be alone so that i can just see how unimportant i can be...i really want death sometimes...i really get depressed over dumb reasons and then i think i'm stupid for every reason i can ever have including feeling this way makes me feel stupid and i think about if i told my friends they'd just think things like i'm rediculous or annoying or whatever...well ya right now i am feeling pretty down...and stupid...it all just annoys me that this happens that i think like this...mainly i think i annoy me the most..maybe it's me i want to get away from besides life and my thoughts and people and other things...
Loganberry Loganberry
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2007

i fell like tht alot. i hate it as well. just wondering about everything and then realizing tht maybe this is my fault. is tht how u feel? <br />
usually i look at it again and i wonder to myself if i really am the cause of all such sorrows. perhaps it is me, and maybe its true, it can be our faults. but, always look towards urself and think about it again. not everything is urs to blame. ur not the fault of everything. ur not stupid, nor r u stupid for writing tht. it takes guts to write tht. i personally would never write something like. my ego prohibits me from doing so. when u feel like dying, think of wat youll be leaving behind. i think about my friends and my siblings who need me to guide them. And then i think of the changes i can make to make this pathetic life better. we all need a little reprieve from our lives. x.x trust me i know. but in order to solve it all, i guess we face it head on. thts wat i usually do