It Hurts to Say

The things that I have been through have made me think that my existence is worthless. I wish sometimes that I was never born. People have always said that my existence was worthless and futile. But there are times where I did almost die. But in a way, I'm glad I didn't. But in others, I wish I had.



TohruHonda TohruHonda
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5 Responses Mar 14, 2008

thanks, Shiori. do you think you can send me a friend invite? i think we could be cool friends.<br />
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Tohru Honda have really tough things to go through...<br />
...but im sure ure not worhtless...*smiles*...maybe anime can help it does to me...since ure into fruits basket...<br />
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...*smiles and hugs*...

my friends say that i am. but with all the **** i've been through lately, i'm really down on myself a lot. my life is hardly worth living.<br />
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ehhh... people just have a way to get to me, i guess...<br />
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It makes me want to cry! You really have it worse than me!