Pathetic Creature

for the first half of my life this is all i used to say to myself - i wish i'd never been born or i didn't ask to be born.  during the third quarter of my life it was how to commit suicide.  now, in the last quarter it's wishing i could just wake up dead.  how sad and pathetic is that?

TheFunHasGone TheFunHasGone
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6 Responses Jul 6, 2009

thank you Zansuki, very wise words... take care of yourself xx

...its not pathetic...I feel the same way too...I try to make myself believe that the way I am feeling will end...but it never does and it worsens...the longer I am like this...the more i believe I cant help myself...*smiles*....try to keep ure mind of the negative and on positive...find a way to ease ure pain...*hugs*....

mine too, but it's me who's doing the hitting... head is really hurting........

Yes I know. You think you've dealt with one thing and then WHAM, another one slaps you on the back of the head...

Hmmmmmm....I have days like that.....and then I have days of wonderment...though THOSE days get fewer and fewer as the years go by and so much tragedy happens....sad.