A Thousand Ways...or Just One

I could prolly think of a thousand ways to be a little more fem. And I guess that would add up to ALOT more fem if I were able to get some of those things done. And I realize that femininity is a state of mind. I feel like I'm almost there. I definitely think of myself that way now- (more on that later). I just need my physical body to join the party at some point! I have to set down some goals for myself and just try to reach them.

First and foremost I need to lose some weight. I'm not terribly overweight (I'm a big gurl anyway-over 6'), but I know 20 to 30 pounds would help. I think trimming down and getting a more feminine shape would help me feel and look more like how I picture myself. The only bummer would be that I may lose my natural bust. That would be a drag . But the bigger picture is to feel more fem right? I can get myself into a decent enough figure now, but the "chub" is surely in the way of reaching that goal.

I would also like to try shaving places other then my face. I'm not very hairy to begin with. So I've been lucky in that respect. It's not keeping me from being more fem, But I guess I would just like to try it. Smooth and silky is more feminine for sure.

I know that things like hips, bust and butt can be bought from a catalog, but that's not what I'm into. I think that with a little work I can whip this body in being a little more feminine. And I can do it without sacrificing my masculine side. What can I say? I love challenges!

Aside from all the physical aspects of "looking" more fem, I realized something recently. The single most important  thing I've done to BE more feminine, is to find the right name for myself. Now that I've done that, the rest, the "state of mind" part, is getting easier. I know it's easy to play off your "other" name and if that works for you then great! But for years I couldn't connect with what I was doing no matter what name I came up with. Sure it was easy to pick one I liked, or thought was pretty, but it never felt right. I always thought of it as a part, like in a play, or that I was trying to be someone else. Instead of the real me.

Until one day I gave myself the name Brenda. It was like a switch flicked on. I had tried so many others over the years and nothing made me feel so fem and complete. I no longer feel like I'm playing a role, but that I'm me in real life. Being more feminine IS a state of mind. Anyone can shave, do their hair and makeup, and put on a dress. And all that can certainly make you look more feminine. It worked for me for a long, long time. But I know some of us may be looking for a little more.

So if your fem name isn't working for you just give it time. You'll find the real you someday. And when you do, it's wonderful.

XXOO Brenda

BrendaCD BrendaCD
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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Keep on thinking the way you are and your dreams well someday start to come true,

Excellent. Thanks for sharing. i have to agree, i've thought a lot of the same things you are.