Being A Little Too Male

                              I have been cross dressing all my life but like a lot of us that do it some of us even when we dress we have a male look to us. This is the way it is for me but I do not let that stop me from doing what I love. I dress and apply my makeup put on my wig and away I go to have fun. I love going out as Samantha dressed to do what ever whether it is walking a local trail or going dancing.   I LOVE IT Samantha

Samanthalynn101365 Samanthalynn101365
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5 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I think I would have fun dating a burly man!

that's great gurl sissy and proud

I like your attitude...go for the gold & enjoy!

You are a brave soul, for sure! The cautions noted by the previous replies are well stated. It is such a shame that there are so many out in this world who have no comprehension of our feminine needs and desires and choose to physically exercise their point of view on us. Here in Massachusetts they just passed a law making such discrimination illegal and punishable in the courts. Hopefully this is the start we've all been wanting.

yes i quite agree with you one does have to be careful and only associate with those who know the game.