I Hope That I Can Escape This Thought Someday

I really, sincerely wish that there were sometimes when this thought didn't strike me.  I hate feeling this way

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What is it about being single that you long for? You must face this question before you will get over it. And compare what you have to that one thing you think you miss. If you find that you are far more happier over here, and the grass is not always greener on the other side perhaps you can stop dwelling on a false hope

I fell into my current relationship on the rebound. The woman Im with now is fantastic. We have similiar interests and hanging out is very easy. The problem is is the aforementioned reboound thing. I never truly got over my ex. In addition I often feel that there's no spark. I dont desire my partner the way I desired the ex. Unfortunately, current circumstance makes splitting up not possible. So I sit and hope that these feelings will disappear.

You're not alone in your situation. I've battled the same problem, but it is also alot of self talk that will keep you here. Telling yourself you never got to get over your ex will keep you stuck in the past longer. Focus on what you love about your new relationship and do things and surprises to cause a spark. Infatuation isn't everything.

Don't be hard on yourself. I think that even happily married people have that thought from time to time. Most marriages go through rough patches or can become too predictable. You can work that though and encourage thought of joy and gratitude, it just takes work.<br />
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I know that thought is hard to deal with but thoughts and feelings don't define you. If suspect there are reasons/problem that caused that thought use logic to come up with solutions. In the mean time make a point to have fun with your partner. Take turns doing this that make you happy and try doing new things together.<br />
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I'm inspired by your honesty.

when i was married, i missed being single.....once i was single, i missed being married...i missed what i had with my ex, not necessarily my ex. its been almost a year and being single doesnt bother me anymore. i still get lonely, but at this point i've accepted the lesser of two ****** situations.....i'm moving on slowly but its still at my own pace.<br />
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when you're single there are many opportunities and many open doors...the hard part is picking a path....when you're married, its almost as if the path is already paved for you...so now, the key is to find out why you're wanting a different path??

I hate the feeling of not knowing what feeling I am feeling (and the feeling that I want to be single because doesn't it feel like you are betraying your partner, in a way, by saying it or even clicking on "me too!"?)

I hate the feeling that I want to be single - sorry abou tthe confusion

hate the feeling of being tied-up or the feeling of being single?