The Experiences I'd Have, The Things I'd See. Oh, The Possibilities!

Walking through empty streets, looking up at the tall buildings knowing that no one is inside them. Screaming "hello" at the top of my lungs and just getting an echo as a reply. Riding my bike as fast as possible with the wind blowing through my hair. Standing in the morning light listening to the silence. Exploring huge cavernous manors and stately homes, walking slowly round looking at every tiny detail. Gliding my hand just centimetres away from priceless art in museums and galleries. Lying on my back on the roof of a building watching the sky fade away as night draws in and the stars come out to play. Taking care of lost pets and abandoned animals in shelters; growing food for them and hunting animals for meat, running around and playing with them, reading book upon book about animal health to try and help them when they're sick. Sitting on the grass and watching a herd of horses run. Growing flowers and plants up the walls of houses all down a street and dancing through it when they bloom, smelling their beautiful scents as I go. Painting roads in loads of big, bright, beautiful colours and painting pictures onto walls and windows. Watching old romantic black and white movies on a wall mounted screen in a room filled with pillows and cushions and duvets and blankets; jumping into them and wrapping myself up on cold stormy nights. Going into an expensive shop and dressing up in pretty dresses and hats; giggling at my reflection in the mirror like a little kid.


All of these things and more is what I'd do if I woke up one day as the only person alive on earth. Obviously this is in a scenario where there are no dead bodies to worry about, and no undead ones either. I don't know, maybe they were all abducted by aliens and they didn't notice me or something. ^_^; Of course I'd also be very sad and upset for the first weeks or months over losing my family and friends too; this is what would happen after I had accepted what had happened and moved on.

I've always sort of half wished for this. Sometimes I think about having my sister there too, as she is the one person I truly love with all my heart unconditionally, but I highly doubt she wants this to happen so it might be more of a cruel, selfish thing of me to do as she probably wouldn't be very happy living like this.

Maybe I'm just really weird because I'm so socially anxious and awkward, so nobody will really understand this, let alone want it too. Then again maybe I wouldn't want this forever, maybe just for a few years and then perhaps I would want the people back. Who knows, if this ever happened, once everybody came back, maybe I'd be a much more talkative, outgoing and social person?

UnseenBlossom UnseenBlossom
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2010