I just want you to hold me, through the seven days of lonely…oh wait its more like 28!!

Okay so I ****** up. Ya know the times when you sneak out and have a damn blast all night long and just as you walk through the door ready to call it a day, you are greeted by your -pissedthefuckoff- parents. JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU GOT AWAY WITH IT! Yeah well this **** up is way worse than that or any other situation I have been in before. AND IT SUCKS! I basically have lost it! My sanity..gone! Gone with the fricken wind. -Oh how Lady English Teacher would be proud. UGH! So here’s the damn situation. Well… I’m going to be very vague, at least for now.

As I said, I ****** up. Now, I am a junior in high school and I keep trying to tell myself that this won’t even matter fricken 4 years from now. Have I mentioned the fact that I am a girl? Well guess the **** what…I AM! TRANSLATION: I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER MY EMOTIONS IN FACT MY EMOTIONS PROBABLY HAVE 95% OF THE CONTROL IN THIS RELATIONSHIP.

So yeah, being a girl…. a lot ******* harder than we make it seem… TRANSLATION: IT IS NEVER OKAY FOR A GUY TO ***** ABOUT WOMEN!!

Okay I need to slow the frick down… I can do a whole different damn blog post about all there is to being a girl. Yeah that might actually be fun.

MY POINT (yes |promise there was one)

I am very emotional right, for real! (Okay side note..and remind me if I slack, but I am going to have to start another blog and fill you guys in on who the **** I am and what my story is so y’all can understand instead of being like the **** is she talking about)

Anyway again my point was that things are really hard for me and one of my biggest fears in life is being alone. Not in a physical way necessarily but more in a I’m facing life alone because I have no friends type of way. Now, I have great friends. Or had.. I don’t really know if its progressed to the point where I need to use past tense. Damn they should have a fricken in between tense. **** I should run this ****.

So let me just pull in what I said before I got all ranty.. I keep trying to tell myself that 4 years from now none of this will matter. Logically, I know that’s true and I believe it. But it sure as hell doesn’t feel that way. I sorta wish the heart wasn’t such a dumbass… the brain gets it… so why the **** does it take the heart so long to learn?

The thing is that none of my friends, well I don’t know if I can call them that.. we shall call them piwies. i don’t know why. Doesn’t even matter, don’t question me.

So all of my piwies want to stop all communication with me until after Christmas break…WHICH ISN’T EVEN UNTIL JANUARY 7th!!!!!! THAT IS 28 ******* days.. that I am expected to show my damn face at school and pretend that everything is just a ball of fricken cheese. (Again I don’t know why I said cheese. Oh wait yes I do. Cheese makes me happy that’s why)

I don’t know about you, but that is kinda sorta the worst thing a fricken 16 year old high school girl can imagine.

Anyway, I need HELP!!! Seriously! I need all the advice I can get.

First of all I need to know if I should post the whole story.. I need real and fast advice..however, I don’t even know if one person has read this post. So please message me, comment, Just I NEED FEEDBACK!

**Love and Hugs**

PS) I apologize for how horrible my grammar is in this post, I am simply too enraged to care.
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Dec 9, 2012