Well, Now That I Got My Wife Into It...

This is gonna be a short one. Being in a 3some, fmf specifically, is everymen fantasy. That's not secret at all. Watching your lady being caress by another girl is a turn on. I can't speak for everymen on earht, but I would love just the fact of watching and I wouldn't mind not to be involved at all.

I started to talk to wifey about this fantasy. We use to watch adult films. We both agree that watching two girls is nicer than watching two guys ...lol... so that's how I begun to talk to her about my whole-life fantasy.

One day, we were having some wine and watchin one of this movies, she told me that earlier she was working in our pc and "by accident" she spotted a video I had... she double-clicked and well... couldn't keep her eyes off the screen... There were two hotties, fonding, kissing, touching, licking, fingering one each other... and then it happened: she told me she got horny!

OMG, that's gotta be one of sweetest moments ever... So, from that moment on we had had our chats and now she easily accept the fact that she could manage to be in a 3some... but, she has some rules, one of them is that I can only interact with her... otherwise, I can only watch... That's unfair, but hey... is a start.

The point is, from that moment on, I've been searchin, seeking, scanning, browsing the web asking, requesting, begging for a girl openminded enough to join us... until now: zero.

So, I'm starting to think that there are not such girls in this planet. A girl who will freely join a couple to fulfill a fantasy. I'm starting to think that just when I got the harder part achieved, just when I got wife into in... it seems it will remain as it is. A fantasy.
wolverine2877 wolverine2877
31-35, M
May 14, 2012