It Would Be Hella Cool

Okay, not in a weird Oh my gosh, I wish I were a squirrel!...just think of all the freedom you'd have...not very many can pee wherever you don't have to worry about money..maybe about getting shot or runover...but I just think it would be fun...wolves are my favorite because they're smart, powerful, and beautiful...I feel like I'm dorking out least I'm not saying I'd be a Bulbasaur or whatever that pokemon is =)

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I hope I don't weird anyone out by saying this,but I wouldn't want to be just one animal.I would like to be a fusion animal.You know,the whole best of both worlds thing.But as far as one animal goes,I would like to be a Cheetah.

lol, a squirrel huh? Have fun gathering all of those nuts before hibernation time! haha. I'd like to be a dolphin. I guess I'd have to watch out for WhiskeyBent though! haha. That's ok though, because I would have other dolphins to help me...they're admirable creatures like that ^_^

This has been played on in fiction. When people reach a horizon of a certain amount of despair, they'd wish themselves to be anything but what they are, and would even choose to become an entirely different creature with a drastically altered lifestyle.<br />
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And hell, even music has portrayed this. The Savage Garden's Animal Song is about a human becoming so nervous and uneasy off the crowded, urban environment of crime and exposed media, that he wishes he could be a tiger, just running carefree throughout the woods.<br />
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It's actually quite a beautiful idea really.I'd hardly say you were dorking out, you're just being honest, and probably paralelling what alot of people are thinking but not saying.<br />
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I'd like to be a wolf as well lol. Mostly for the same reasons you said.

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