Forgive Me

Friends concerned asking me the same question.

"You busy ?"
"Just dropping by to see how you're doing. You seem quiet today."

"Why are you so quiet. If anything bothers you, most of us here are civil.
If you're having any trouble venting, just tell me. . . I'll be here with you "

Friendship built around honesty is one of the best things in life.
I feel so blessed

And for this season I ask for your forgiveness,
I would hate giving you worries.
That something unpleasant going on to my world.
Or thinking you might be ignored.
Perhaps I should let you know that I love my friends.
I learn from my friends. You all inspire me.
But forgive me when I sometimes don't talk and seem far from you.
I just can't help this myself.
I sometimes withdraw and want to be alone.
Which might come strong in words,
but I say it with all warmth and appreciation for your friendship.
You are all good.

And as for you (nv) my love.
You are now being cherished in all your ways.
You are so beautiful.
Purity has subdued your heart.
You're kindness glares with radiance.
But I need to say this, this is me.
I keep quiet most of the time.
And I worry now you feel bothered.
Please free yourself from guilt.
I love everything about you.
I am here full of your existence.
I shall remain to be as long as you insist.
No one can fashion this part of my heart, but you.

What could be more greatest
than being alone while being loved.

ladyryan ladyryan
46-50, F
1 Response Nov 8, 2011

My sweets, I just cant stop loving you. I am so thankful to you for your kind words. I respect your words and love you more after reading your post. Keep smiling my love.