Grand Solitude

More often than not I like solitude and being alone. This is impossible with two children at home, but I do not wish them gone. They add flavor and gesto to living since I'm mostly withdrawn from general society. I have one good friend that answers her cell phone and emails when I contact her. She was my college English II instructor who has stuck beside me all the way as I earned a dual bachelors with Columbia College of Missouri in sociology, women's studies, and psychology. Through research I have discovered that many writers and journalists actually count few people as their true friends since they enjoy solitude and reflective time. Our informationa technological highway life moves way too fast for deep friendships and little opportunity for children to grow up together forming close friendships. Facebook is the individualistic grasp for connection that remains a deep void is the majority of human experience today. Now, third world countries may experience less of this autonomy since their families rely so heavily upon each other for survival as I have experienced with living in Mexico for a year. Even with older communicaiton systems, families live in smaller structures for housing with less dependence upon techno advances.

Anyway, I sometimes (many times) withdraw and want to be alone. I don't see this changing any in my future to the point that I will have to tailor my career strategies to this preferential need.
LadyRed55 LadyRed55
Feb 28, 2012