I felt so alone, and withdrawn growing up, i felt misunderstood,  i cut so i could release the pain from my head for the split second as the pain welled, and the blood rising to the surface cleansed my thoughts... my biggest problem was feeling like noone understood, that isolation almost killed me itself many times,  i felt lost, broken, and constantly in a the shadow of depression... it wasn't until a couple years ago, that i was able to find my release, and i encourage anyone going through these struggles to seek that release!  its poison, and i was able to get it out, not by bleeding it out, but by writing about it, not only then did i get rid of it, but i gained insight into my own thoughts, behavior, attitudes, and beliefs,  i was 31 before i found my cure, and was in prison, the lowest i've ever been in my life, but i found it, and it savedme...

SinInMyBlood SinInMyBlood
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2009

I respect your courage to continue the fight until you found yourself. Congrats and good post.