I Feel Like Just Being Alone At Times

There are time I tend to feel withdrawn. When I get angry or upset or emotionally hurt I withdrawl. I don't speak to people its just like im in a daze.I have walked around work just lost and show no emotions its like I'm blank. After I come back to life I don't remember the things I was in deep thought about its like I start over with a clean slate and everything I was feeling has just disapeared. It was let go an I move on. I think shutting down helps me cope with my emotions. I tend to describe it as my body is like a computer and some times it needs to shut down and reboot to function properlly. Some might think this is unhealthy but I feel everyone deals with things in there own way.
lovinpanda lovinpanda
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2009

We are all different and cope in our own ways, good job for figuring out your way of coping!