I'd grown up in Sweden.
What if my mom and dad had decided to grow up there instead of here on Iceland? I've often thought about it. 
   Would I have escaped being bullied and outcasted from my class in elementary school and also in High School? Would I have been popular and for that, have a different style? Behaved like those girls I hate for their behaviour? Would I have different opinion on life? Different matureness? Different, everything?

I would have missed the family I have here. I would not be so close with my grandparents here. I would not be so close with my uncle. My uncle who is so good to me and I love so much. I would have missed everything with him. There's no way I would have been so close to him.
   Sure i have my family in Sweden, but, I can't imagine them being so good as mine here on Iceland.

So would it really be better if I'd grown up there?
I think not....I can always think about it...but I would always come to the conclusion that 'til now, everything has been better here than there...


Rawa Rawa
18-21, F
Apr 19, 2008