On Being Able to Tell You're Alive

"For example, death itself is a concept. The body does not know that it is alive at this moment and you are not there  to preside over your own death. So, for all practical purposes, there is no way I can tell myself that I am living, that I am alive. If you ask me the question, "Are you alive or are you dead?", I would certainly say that, "I am alive." Why I say "I'm alive", is because of what I'm taught by the physiologists and what the doctors tell us. I am able to talk and respond and so because of that, they conclude that I am a living being. That is the common knowledge that is passed onto us, but there is no way that I can experience the fact, that this is a living organism. No  way. So, when it is dead, all the knowledge that we have has to come to an end." -- U.G. Krishnamurti
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1 Response Nov 5, 2006

thats deep, kind of didnt understand parts of it, but the parts I did.... wow