The pursuit of happiness I wonder if it's worth it anymore.I look for it but all I ever find is ****. I feel like it's not worth pursuing anymore. I feel like just giving up on ever finding love or happiness.Maybe it doesn't exist.
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Life is futile . Even the existence of the species as we know it is soon to come to and end.<br />
Wake up or better still, end it.

you know, I would agree that there are plenty of **** to be found in life, and a few years ago I felt the exact same way as you do now. but here's a funny story, no matter what crappy situation I found myself in, I've always had one wish, that I would one day understand why everything happen the way they do. gradually, with great amount of time dedicated to research and reflection, I began to understand my environment and the people I have relationships with more and more, and those crappy situations I found myself in in the past, start to make more and more sense until the point that I could fully understand why it happened, how it happened. <br />
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In war, it is said that total victory lies in 3 elements, the knowledge of yourself and your opponent, the knowledge of your environment, and finally, how the current time and age affect the previous two. in my personal experience, the pursuit of love and happiness is not so different in this regard, you might know what you are looking for and what makes you tick, but how much do you know about your male counterpart, even in general? how much do you know about the places and environments where you attempt to find your happiness? how aware are you of the effect of society and the changing times on all the elements that might affect your search?<br />
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in life there is such a thing as luck, or in the more scientific term, favorable circumstances some people invariably find themselves in, and sometime, they end up finding the very happiness most others spend a life time trying to catch a glimpse of. yet, by knowledge and practice, those without favorable circumstances can always put themselves into such circumstances, and there lies hope, and salvation. <br />
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if you are ever interested, I would be happy to share with you what I know, about how the human mind works, about the driving principles behind general human behavior, about relationships and their maintenance, and much more. if I was to know the specific circumstances behind your past, I'm certain I could bring you some important insights that you are previously unaware of, and thus helping you shape your future in a way you deserve. <br />
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best of luck<br />
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Angel P