Sometimes I find myself thinking about how people are perceiving me. I don't think I make good first impressions. I do the wrong stuff all the time and I say the wrong things. I'm just not a very social person. it's not that I'm too antisocial though, I just prefer to be on my own. I can't understand the way I act sometimes or why I said the things I said or why I just didn't get myself to say the right thing although I knew it was the right thing to say. I can hold a conversation when I want to and I know how to make people laugh and warm up to me, it works without me trying but that only happens when I'm comfortable, focusing on one person only and not in a crowd. Being surrounded by a lot of people makes me uncomfortable. I don't show it though, in fact I try to hide it so hard that sometimes I can come off as just weird, sometimes a bit uptight. I wonder what it would be like if I was different, if I just woke up one day and found myself really comfortable around people without having to seem that way.
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I understand how you feel completely, i often do the same thing. In the end though i think it matters more that you know who you are. Everyone wears masks and plays pretend with others, they always want others to see the better side of them, then in releationships you eventually see who they truly are. In the end your a unique person and no matter what, whats important is you stay true to yourself and if others can't see that then thats fine, you dont need their approval anyway

Makes a lot of sense, I agree with what you just said here.

I actually came in here to try to convince you that I didn't get the wrong impression but I ended up realizing you honestly sound a lot like me and I'm never sure about my impression on others. I can do one on one conversations really well when I'm focused on them and interested. But groups are difficult and distracting. So I totally know how you feel. You made a wonderful impression on me if it makes you feel any better :)

Btw I love the new profile picture, honestly you are just so beautiful. Hope all is well sweetie, I love you :)

I appreciate your comment but I'm just going to be honest and say I really didn't like what you said last..don't call me that, please.

Ok. Sorry. What did I say?

Identities change as we grow and learn more about ourselves. This is partly shaped by people around us. You have not met yourself yet, but the advantage of meeting others in the meantime is that some of them may present you, to yourself.

I always come out as cocky, but i'm pretty humble and easy going once people get to know me

I've had a friend tell me that before, and that I turned out to be completely different from what he thought I was like at first.

Ya, just how it is I guess