Why Can't Some People Just Stop Talking For Three Minutes?

It's great to have a wide circle of friends, whether they be acquaintances whom you chat with from time to time, to those true friends whom you have known since elementary school.  Even so, I think everyone has that one special person who they cannot stand to be alone with him or her for even an hour.  This is my experience with that 'special' person named Conner (for the sake of the story, his name has been changed).

I like out-going people who do like talking because I usually get to hear something funny, but I really appreciate it when I get a say in something to.  A balance is usually met easily, but not with Conner.  Once he starts talking he never stops, but it's more than that.  With him I constantly think, What the hell is wrong with you?  And more.  This experience was by far the worst I've had with him. 

We were going to go to the park to play a role-playing game, and I already knew I would dread being alone with him, but one of my good friends was going to join us later, so I figured I could grit my teeth and bare it until then.  As we walked, I already get annoyed because he was walking in front of me and didn't even look back to make sure I was still there.  I understand the limited eye-contact since we're walking, but it's still important.  Not to mention I had already told him a bunch of times before that I wasn't interested in the voice-overs of Dragon Ball Z on YouTube. 

By the time we get to the park, I'm already in a bad mood and don't even feel like role-playing anymore, but I stay quiet because I didn't want to seem like one of those girls who complained or wanted their way all the time.  Besides, I still couldn't get a word in because he was still talking.  We sit face to face at a concrete table, and I feel a little better because there was eye-contact.  Ten minutes later he says he's tired and I figured that this would be my chance to actually talk.  I brought my quotebook along everywhere because I usually have nothing interesting to say, but reading quotations are always enjoyable for me, and usually my friends like my collections, so I show him the book and I began reading.

He claimed that he was listening and was just resting his eyes, but by the tenth or fifteenth quote I could tell he was asleep because he didn't speak up when I stopped reading.  I pondered if I should just hit him over the head with my quotebook, or kick him in the shin, but I scratched that thought out when I realized if I woke him up he wouldn't stop talking.  I left him a note and went on the swings.  He didn't even notice I was gone until he woke up a half hour later.

Guess what he didn't do? He didn't ask why I was up on the swings without even telling him, but more importantly he didn't even apologize for falling asleep.  And that wasn't even the first time he had done it to me.

Want to know what he did do?  He asked me if it was time to pick up my friend who lived close by but never woke up before noon.

So, yeah, I was mad, but I didn't say anything yet again.  We packed up and went to my friends house, let's call her Karen, and she wasn't even awake yet, but that was fine.  Her dad asked me if he should get a bucket and fill it with water, and so that little crack made me feel a whole lot better.  Unfortunately, even though I would have insanely laughed, I told him to not get the bucket.  Karen heard that and woke up and was shocked that I was in her room.  After she got dressed, and ate, we headed back to the park.  Conner and Karen had a good conversation about Zelda, Monty Python, and something about magic milk. all of which I had no clue what was going on.  Karen knew that and changed the subject to something I did know and I had something to contribute to the conversation.  Yet again, Conner, who was walking ahead of us, started talking before I could.

"God damn Conner, shut up!"  Karen was my hero that day.

"If Leigh (me, changing my name) wants to talk, she can just tell me to shut up," Conner replied, finally turning around and looking at us.  "Go ahead, Leigh, say something."

For over an hour, I was trying to be polite and not seem like a control freak, and he told me to tell him to shut up only now?  Oh, I did want to say something, and it had nothing to do with the conversation we were having before, and it wasn't just 'shut up'.  But, I would have ruined the entire day if I had said it, so I zipped my lip.  If he wanted to hear me say something, I wanted to hear him stay quiet for a few minutes first.

Conner recognized the challenge and said, "OK, neither of us will talk until you say what you wanted to say, starting now."  I always won in the quiet-game, but we didn't even last three minutes before he said, "I give up, Leigh.  Just say it."

I'll admit, I was being a brat, but I was still irked.  I didn't want to tell him, and even when Karen asked what I was about to say, I simply stated that I forgot, causing a roar of laughter out of both of them.  I at least said something good because none of my quotes ever got laughs like that.

Luckily, a couple of hours later, Conner had to leave, but Karen and I didn't, so I said good-bye, but was thinking the two letters F and U.  The rest of the day with Karen was like a few big breaths of fresh air, and I told her my contribution to the conversation before the quiet-game.

Still, why oh why did I agree to have the same English class with him?
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