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What is wrong with some people who find fault and judge and criticise and moan and belittle and create havoc, they seem only to be happy when they're miserable, bringing others down....

I know, in some cases it be as a result of illness, or circumstance and i can understand, empathise and be there for them, but some people, SOME people are only ever happy when making others miserable and i can't understand them at all
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Misery loves company. People who're miserable always like to bring others down with them.

I think Jacee's right. Sometimes people just forget how to look for the bright side of things. I work with someone who is always in a bad mood about something, and she has admitted that she hates being around me because I'm always "peppy." I can't help it, though. For me it is natural to try and find something positive in a situation, no matter how bad it may seem. If I can't find something good though, after all my best efforts, I just power on through and try not to let it bum me out too much. Like many other things, it takes time to learn to look for and find the bright side of things. Some people just aren't very skilled with it.

I worked with the sweetest most wonderfullest person who never found a reason to be happy. I love her to death but always wanted to smack her for being so negative. lol
I'm not always the most happiest person in the world, but I do try not to make others around me miserable just because I might be at that moment.

Exactly. I've always got that little voice in my head (who I occasionally want to strangle) reminding me that if I can't say anything nice, I should just keep quiet. Usually that's how my friends/family know that something's bugging me. I get way too quiet.

For some folks, being miserable is their happiness. But I agree with you, I don't understand how anyone cannot find at least one thing to be happy about. Life isn't always fair or right, but it's not always such a horrible place either. <br />
Maybe they've been unhappy for so long they've just forgotten how to find the joys in life.

Thank yo Jacee - yeah, its sad that they may have forgotten to enjoy the simple things, the little things to make life happier, more special - i wish you joy and happiness in your life x