Fed Up With Some People On Ep

hi im English mid thirties i like this site i can talk to people with the same
problems as me and they are in the USA or Canada wherever.I just get fed up
when people delete you(remove you from their circle) or block you.
i mean why did you add me in first place? yes i have Adult content in my pictures but they are clearly marked 18+ i also have pictures of Me The Sea
Shops in Town etc if u dont want to look at the pics then dont, of course im assuming i got deleted because of my pics.i am friendly with everybody who talks to me and always message people back.remember we are all here for each other.
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4 Responses Mar 29, 2012

i just don't add friends. i came here for one person only. i added two others, then deleted the one who posts a lot. as for blocking, i blocked one troll or possible stalker early on. and there have been two profiles, one early on & the other recently, who added me the same day they joined, despite having no experience groups in common, so i had to strongly suspect they were stalking, so i blocked them too. there are people from facebook who coud be stalking me via my friend's link to here on his facebook.

I've been blocked for scores of reasons:<br />
<br />
1. I have a red dot of doom (or they lack imagination)<br />
2. I use curse words (or they have fragile ears/eyes)<br />
3. I am friends with someone they don't like (fair enough)<br />
4. They don't like me (it's easier if they eliminate themselves)<br />
5. They think my sarcastic pieces are about them (and sometimes they are)<br />
<br />
It used to hurt my feelings. Actually, it just recently happened to me. Only afterward, I found out that the people who dropped me weren't such great people after all, that they have hurt others and gone out of their way to get people kicked off, suspended, and whatever they wanted. That makes me realize that when people don't like me, it's good that they stand up and show themselves so I don't waste any more of my time.

I think what some people do is read your story's and check out your groups.<br />
If they see stuff they don't approve of such as "I poop in my panties" or "I had sex with my daughter" Then they block or delete you. I was blocked once because I looked like someone the woman knew when she was little and she did not like him!???

I like your summation. It is true that alot of peeps remove/block for no reason. But there are alot of us who do not. Keep looking and you will find some wonderful people on here with whom you will not only have a lot in common but will also want to get to know you. :)