I Have Figured It Out!

Ok, maybe I have not quite FULLY figured it out but I think that I have some good ideas as to "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG" with people. 
  1. I believe that there are a lot of people really and truly ARE mentally ill; ranging from addictive behaviors to full blown personality disorders and psychosis. These are VERY real and MUCH MORE prevalent than what we WANT to believe. I believe that there are more mentally ill or mentally NEEDY persons in the world than healthy and happy individuals. ABUSE is the number one culprit and perpetrator of these.
  2. There are people are PLAIN NOT NICE; they are selfish, controlling and just unloving.  It may be due to #1 or not. They may be the abusers that caused #1.
  3. THIS WORLD IS JUST MESSED UP...I don't expect too many people to be kind, loving, intelligent or "normal" anymore. 
REALLY, I have come to the conclusion that I CARE VERY MUCH about the quality of life that I live and HOW to help others improve theirs.

On the other hand, when I see someone who does all that they can to "get their way" and manipulate and control others, I KNOW that something IS very wrong with them. I don't wonder about it much past that. I KNOW that "there is A LOT WRONG" with most people.

If you are reading this, it is VERY LIKELY that you are not qualified to be counted in that group. (smile)
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

you know i wonder this every day and it seems to have come from the blue, it doesn't seem to matter who you are race,religion,creed anything it is wildly obvious to see people are really screwed up these days...the worst part is being yourself and getting stabbed in the front for it,all the posts down below seem true to me. i cant even trust my 15 year old brother,wtf

my gosh i totally agree even our own families!!! they are corrupted manipulative just wana use you they think they are perfect and everyone else aint

You are so right. I will add, because I have studied the Bible in depth for 20 years, that it says that in the end days, there will not be much natural affection and people will be lovers of self. <br />
There is so much poison in everything we eat, drink and breathe which causes chemical imbalances, put there by the higher ups in our society. Combine that with all the drug use (both presc<x>ription and street), alcoholism, those from loveless, dysfunctional, abused childhoods caused by the aforementioned people, which makes them scared of relationships or they go off the deep end and there you go, a bunch of sociopathic, narcissistic, brain damaged, self centered, evil, lost, depressed shells of humanity. <br />
It all started when humans decided they could make up their own rules for behavior and quit listening to what God had to say about how to treat one another. And churches are probably more to blame than anything. They, with their lies, greed and hypocrisy have turned everyone against God . People go to church thinking they are going there to learn about God and they get taught nothing about God's word to understand their problems or what is expected form them to be blessed and then they think it is all lies and turn away which leaves them wide open for satan to take over. THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD AND PEOPLE. Thank God there are people like you who can see the wrong out there. Because I know people who think that everything is still hunky-dory.

The more I took responsibility for myself; the more I could see how others did NOT and that includes many christians that used to play vital roles in my life. I tend to see the world "more as it is" now, I think, than I used to. I no longer believe that "everyone has a good side" but that ALL people have the ability to DO evil and NOT be what they claim to be. I see MORE wrong since I came out of my own denial about how the world, life in general and myself as a person...and SEE THINGS as they really are and HAVE COMPASSION for ourselves and others..."live and LET LIVE".

LOL...so true!!! Not trying to judge but I have LIVED with and was MARRIED to a personality disordered spouse and he would never admit to having any issues. It makes life HARD when you are trying to stay connected emotionally to someone who is NOT emotionally capable of it. You are so right. So many of US are "working out life's problems" and that is GREAT. At least we are TRYING to be better people, live happier lives and we have a "live and let live" in our attitudes toward others. <br />
<br />
I walk a fine line between loving them as "a friend" or keep them "at a distance". Either way, we CAN positively influence others with good attitudes, help or our experience IF they want to "take a page from our book". I find MANY here on EP are as much or more so students of life as I am. You all encourage me to "be all that I can be".