It Seems..

Like I am losing my faith in humanity one person at a time. Why can't people live and let others live?
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U nailed this one, why do others think they got life figured out and then want to tell others how to live, they need to worry about themselves and shut the **** up.

Because most people are selfish and bereft of conscience. Evil.

Some days, I think it's because they're so miserable in their own lives, they feel they need to spread it around...

Might be because they-people- have never heard or know ANYTHING about the Universal Law of Allowing. <br />
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The Beatles tune of "Let it be" was a screaming message of just that. Those messages are in fact all over. In plain sight. That is why they are missed. Another words: It is not my problem. Nor yours. Only the person involved at the time. <br />
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Not to worry, I too have observed a many an odd thing about our brethren. Seems they need a smack on the back of the head as a reminder. But they would not know what that was for either. <br />
Here is the thing....The world has sped up to the point everyone is in a hurry to go nowhere and have no idea when they get there. Much like a dog chasing his tail-not much point but they just keep doing it.<br />
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All we can do is smile that understanding smile and pat them on the head as they pass by and encourage them to keep trying til they figure out it is their tail that is the trail they are on in such a hurry when they missed all of lifes worth beside the road.<br />
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And to think they can accomplish all this with a circle driveway. Such technology wonders! ;-)