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I'm an idiot, you're an idiot, WE ARE ALL IDIOTS. No matter how hard you try to prove to me that you aren't. You will always be an idiot to me. (no offense or anything:] ) Okay so let me get to my story about this person who i though "what the hell is wrong with that person?!"
Okay, it was a cloudy day, perfect temperature, perfect everything so i decided to go out for a walk. About 4 miles from my house came a stench so bad i had to run over behind a tree and vomit!! It was disgusting but i wanted to go see what it was! Luckily i had my bandana tied aroud my head so i took it off, pulled my deodorant out of my pocket and wiped some on the bandana. i then tied the bandana around my nose with the deodorant part facing my nose and continued walking. Once i got to the source of the smell, i IMMEDIATELY regretted it. There was a referee on a horse and about 50 dead bodies all around him. and the horse was pooping so much i think it had problems because there was a pile about 2 feet tall of its crap.. UGH it was nasty. I hid behind a bush and watched the referee as he climbed off the horse and took a bloody knife out. Thats when i screamed! He saw me and got on his horse. "Get her!" he shouted as he chased me. I ran as hard as i could hoping he wouldnt catch up to me. I glanced over my shoulder to see how i was doing but he was RIGHT behind me with a throwing knife ready to be thrown. He threw it and i jumped over to the side landing in a grabage bag filled with who-knows-what. I immediately got back up and continued running as this mad man chased me. He continued throwing knives at me until i noticed a pettern. (btw i have no idea where he got all the knives from) The pattern was left left right center center scream. Then i saw my house and thought dang, i just ran 4 miles! My trainer is going to be so proud! I pulled my keys out of my pocket and made the sharp turn up my driveway. he got off his horse and followed me i opened my door and turned around to face him. He was ugly: failed attempt for a french moustache and a knife in one hand. We were both panting. Once I caught my breath i asked, "what the hell is wrong with you?!" an he replied, "Amy, i love you." Thats when i lost it. I pulled the knife from his hand and stabbed him. Right in the heart. the end
yesimcrazy yesimcrazy 26-30 Jul 26, 2012

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