In Walmart Minding My Own Flipping Business....

my mother, my two young sons, and myself were in walmart a couple of weeks ago. we were finished shopping and going to check out in the garden department, walking slowly toward the regtisters. this wild eyed woman comes flying by us with like four kids in tow, and then cut in front of my mother to get to the register first. she went to the wrong one. it was closed. my mother and i were standing at the other one and she comes just inches from us and starts flapping her arms around and pretty much half yells " you don't mind if we go first, right?" mother, stunned, looks at her and says " sure...why not. go ahead". the woman pushes past her and starts flapping her arms again, and smacks her lips and says " why would you even THINK you could go ahead of me? i was here before you. you saw me go to the other register and saw it was closed and jumped over her to skip me". uhm ok, maybe i missed the memo here, but she almost ran us all over so she could get in front of us to begin with. and my mother, who i really would not suggest ******* off, just looks at her and asks" what are you talking about? do you even know?" the woman starts blabbing, and screaming who the hell knows what. and i am standing there wondering what the hell is wrong with this woman?!! so at some point in this, an employee says "it's ok. i will go open the other register. one of ya'll can come over here. it's no problem." she then goes and opens the other register, at which point the looney woman with the bugged out eyes and pocked face and sunken jaw of a meth user yells " THERE! go on over there. she opened it just for you." my mother smiles politely and answers " yea i think i will go over there you damn crazy HAG." i have no clue what all was said after that. the woman sounded like one of those yippy dogs that runs circles around u trying it's damnedest to bite your ankle off. OMG!! she was still yelling even after she checked out. the two register clerk were like wow what was her problem? who knows! maybe she hadnt had her hit for the morning, idk. that is crass of me to say but she looked like she was on drugs and acted as if she hadnt had any for a while. that is sad, really. but it was noone's fault but her own. so i smile and say as she walks by " lovely weather we are having! nice day for a crazy ****** " the guy behind us just cracked up laughing, and he was trying so hard to keep a straight face. as it turns out the woman who checked us out wasn't even supposed to work a register, but she did it just to get the other woman to calm down. o.0
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Gotta love Walmart it seems like that all the time at my local Walmart except they only ever have two registers open and fifty people in line. I absolutely despise going to walmart

she is a meth user.. with four kids.... did you do anything??? to help the kids?

******* be crazy.

I feel so sorry for that woman's kids. Imagine LIVING with that. Argh.

It takes all sorts to make this crazy world.Poor kids.

And she had kids in tow? To think they got in a car with her? WOW!!!

Some people get all the good drugs.

There are just some people you check their IQ with a dipstick. And when you do, you can see the problem. It is more than a quart low!

LOL yea

LOL! What a crazy *****! I know it's really not funny, but you can't<br />
help being both amazed and amused at some of the people in Walmart.<br />
You gotta love the crazy people!!

it surely makes life a bit more interesting

It's Walmart, you kind of have to expect there to be crazy people there.

you make a good point