What Is Wrong With People ?

i really want to know what 's wrong with people ? why people always discriminate?. we are basically the same creature right . the same kind. so what difference does it make  if this person was gay , black , white , Christian ,Jewish or Muslim. so if i told someone i  was something and the other person were the other or the opposite they always  run for the hills . i mean it's not like the  plague to talk to  different people  , it's not a disease it's not somethin that u can catch. We are all living beings who breathe , live, feel and die. i just can't get it . sometimes i wish i was an alien.
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2012

I used to jokingly state, "I reserve the right to be bigoted against any race to which I am a member of."

It is a social disease, for one thing.