Pet Snakes... Cause That's A Good Idea..

I'm already biased because of my inhabilitating fear of snakes but I just got done watching a documentary on african rock pythons that are now being found wild in Florida, and one of the main stories was about a family who had one has a pet. The snake managed to escape from the enclosure in the middle of the night and proceed to silently kill their 3 yr old son. Well.... I really don't know what to say. Somewhere in Florida a family found an african rock python trying to come out of their toilet. Not the best place to find one I suppose. First off african pythons can reach over 10 ft in length and can eat animals that weigh 175 lbs. Second of all they are not native to our country so all these supersnakes being found in the wild must be a result of irresponsible owners. Well that's just fabulous. Thanks guys. So here is a thought....if your pet will just as soon as eat you or your offspring as look at you then maybe it's not such a good idea. But if that thought does not bother you then we might as well throw some great white sharks in your pool and some alligators in your bathtub. All the same isn't it?
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well nagem81.. I do understand your point. I was not nor do I intend to make any judgements on 'responsible' pet owners. I ba<x>se my opinions off of documentaries and recorded events and facts. If there is a such thing as friendly snakes and you choose to have them as pets then good on you. I however stand my ground on the "domestication" of not so friendly snakes. As I've said before, if your pet would just as soon eat you as look at you, it may not be such a good idea. The pythons I speak of are native to africa and, because of irresponsible handling, are now running rampant in the swamps of Florida. This is not only scary for people but also detremental to the eco-system as other animals may not be accustomed to such a predator. This goes along the same lines as people who try to keep tigers and other dangerous animals as pets. All I'm asking is to have some respect for nature and value for human life. Me personally, snakes give me the heebeegeebees but thats just me.

I totally understand your concern over the python's and boa's. These kind of snakes can grow at an alarming rate and can be rather fatal if the are not attended well. The handelers of these snakes that are released into the wild are very unresponsible. <br />
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HOWEVER.<br />
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I am a snake owner. I have 6 snakes in my house at this time. I have 4 corn snakes, 1 rat snake and 1 King snake.<br />
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These are all in the colibred (sp?) family. They do not grow at an alarming rate and they are not constructors (such as the pythons' and boa's) 4 of the 6 are VERY docile. the other 2 are still yearlings (under a year old) and not even a foot long yet. <br />
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These snakes eat frozen food that have been thawed out so they are not trained to constrict or kill their food. They are program snakes and get invited to area schools and other groups (boy scouts / girl scouts and 4H programs) to be shown around and the kids can be educated. 3 of my 6 have been guest at the local conservation office for a Herptology event. My corn snake will even let me kiss it on the head and she gives me snake "nosey's" in turn.<br />
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PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU do not form an opinion on snakes / or snake owners because of the information in the media. Talk to your conservation department, the local zoo or a highly respected pet store about the GOOD kinds of snakes. Most pet stores will not sell or handle the constrictors such as Boa's and Python's any more because these breeds can get out of hand very quickly. <br />
Dont judge people that own snakes. Most of us are just as sick when we hear of this kind of issue as you are...or more.

Your title made me laugh. xD