My Life Is So Pathetic Sometimes I Sometimes Wonder???

I acted all cocky and flirty with this guy texting him every hour thinking "oh finally a guy is going to like me near my town."
Oh no, I was a major big joke to him. I feel so pathetic, frustrated and humiliated. Not very fun feelings to have! The thing is, he might come back to me just to be entertained and humiliate me again because he knows I unfortunately love him. WELL screw you!!! I worked my butt off to get your attention and be excepted and I alll I got was laughed at. I AM freaking DONE with being known as a pathetic and neeedy girl. Why in the hell can't I live the way I want without people telling me what I'm doing wrong?
I am twenty-three years old and don't need younger people's opinions.
I like my body and not ashamed to flirt around with it.
Apparently this dude's group of friends thought I was some desperate tramp or something. You know what!? I've been waiting for years for a guy like him and they screwed it over.
My dreams and everything are crumbled up and I feel like I have nothing.
So to anyone who actually "FINDS" a love and his family excepts you good for you!! I'm never gonna get excepted and loved by the people I want :(

LonelyGirl322 LonelyGirl322
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

**** happens learn from it. There's plenty of good guys out there.